Corrugated Boxes

The main purpose of packaging with corrugated paper is to protect goods whilst in transit, storage and distribution. It prevents  waste through breakage, spoilage and contamination. Another biggest advantage of corrugated boxes for a customer is to provide information about the product, and with the opportunities for branding, corrugated really comes into its own.

Aria Trade offers this miracle of the natur to his customers with support of Ankutsan which is one of the leading companies in the production area in Turkey.  Since 2003, Ankutsan produces best quality products with the latest technoogy and superior quality control system. Ankutsan with the annual production with 50.000 tons, nature-friendly production system and recycled products, is the most powerful producer in the Antalya area in Turkey.

 Aria Trade meets this high quality corrugated paper boxes and the customers in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Swiss. Aria Trade is only main sale office and distributor.

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